Professional Software Solutions (PSS)

We provide and create custom software solutions for your needs (see testimonials).
We have 20+ years of software development experience working with
NinjaTrader, Interactive Broker(IB), Tradestation, Multicharts, Sierra Charts etc.

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Automating your Trading System

We can automate your Trading System using your custom algo logic trading via Interactive Broker(IB), NinjaTrader, Tradestation, Multicharts etc. and are one of the top consultants for Interactive Broker(IB). Trading Stocks, ETF, Futures, FOREX, Options. Examples: Trade hedged Pairs, Custom DepthOfMarket(DOM)+Bid/Ask, Create custom charts, Volatility(VIX) Trading and backtesting, external Signals, Managing Bracket/OCO orders, Trailing Stops with Market Order - Bid/Ask tracking

Trading Algo Backtesting

We can create custom backtetsing software using a High Speed Backtesting framework (1Mill Bars/Sec) so you can test your trading system. with advanced BackTesting Analysis using the "Diamond Backtesting with Walk Forward Manager (BTWFMgr)" to assist you with in-depth analysis, evaluating and optimizing your trading strategy. BTWFMgr uses advanced powerful methods like Strategy Potential Analysis and Walk Forward Backtesting.

Custom Services & Software Development

We offer many Services and can develop custom software for you! including Chart Indicators, Market Scanner, personal consulting/training (skype/phone) at reasonable rates for
NinjaTrader, Interactive Broker(IB), TradeStation etc
We also developed the Universal Trend Detection System also for NinjaTrader8 (PSSTrendSys) and the [Day] Trading Simulator (PssTrdSim)
and many powerful Indicators and

Crypto & Portfolio Monitor (CryptoPortMon/CPM)

With the new "Crypto & Portfolio Monitor (CryptoPortMon/CPM))" you can track and monitor 100's of crypoto's in realtime and detect signals

Smart Backup Manager (BUpMgrPss)

With the new "Smart Backup Manager" you can backup and mirror all your data to your external backup drive(s). BUpMgr is finding only CHANGED or NEW files high-speed in a few seconds and checks the date and size of the backup - Example:
Backup ALL your documents to

BeauteySphere Digital Painter (PssBSDP)

With the new "BeauteySphere Digital Painter" you allows you to create beautiful aesthetically pleasing digital paintings, right here on YOUR computer.

Personalized Custom Software since 1998

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